Tourism services

Hotel accommodation

Accommodation service is part and parcel of any tour, except for one day tours which are made in the tourist's place of residence.

An accommodation facility (a hotel, a lodge, camping, or an apartment) can be a holiday destination if a traveler is going to spend most of his/ her time there, and then making a choice of a place to stay becomes one of the most important aspects when planning a trip. Location, type, infrastructure, room amenities – it is necessary to take into account a huge number of parameters.

If a tour program is varied and means changing of places to stay on a daily basis, it’s assumed that accommodation isn’t considered to be very important. In this case accommodation facilities are called transit ones. However, choosing even such places of residence is hardly a simple task. A hotel shouldn’t become the focus of attention instead of the tour program and, at the same time, it shouldn’t be a fly in the ointment. And, of course, it should be perfectly arranged as part of an itinerary and be a right place for travelers to relax and prepare themselves for new experiences.

Startax Travel Offers:
  • classical accommodation facilities in hotels without star-ratings, as well as in two-, three-, four-, five-star hotels and luxury/ premium hotels;
  • boutique hotels;
  • campings;
  • apartments;
  • unique accommodation facilities, for example, comfortable tents in the Sahara desert or lodges in African National Parks.

Accommodation services are provided in the following countries:

Transport support

Startax Travel provides full ground handling services for tourists arriving in Tunisia, UAE, Egypt, Oman, and Tanzania (Zanzibar island) to spend their holidays. Individual or group transfers for FIT and MICE clients are one of the most important and popular services that we offer.

We specialize in cooperation with tour operators and travel agencies and work only with reliable and committed professionals. All our partners enjoy excellent reputation and considerable practical experience in the tourism & hospitality industry, as well as technical and other material resources to organize high standard travels for our customers.

The advantages of our transport support services are based on the following factors:

Moreover, transfers can be booked with Trigy Travel Solution special options. Trigy Travel Solution is a B2B online booking system.


Startax Travel specializes in cooperation with reliable professionals in the tourism industry who have lived up to their reputation and have all the necessary resources to organize truly high standard and exciting excursions. The benefits of the company include fleet vehicles of various car types, experienced drivers and tour guides who give tours to a large number of fascinating places and sights.

Startax Travel provides guided tours in Tunisia, UAE, Egypt, Oman, and Tanzania (Zanzibar island). Travelers can choose between visiting the most popular historical sites and modern tourist attractions, having exclusive trips to places which are not included in classical tour itineraries and going to unique natural sites, as well as attending events with special programs.

All kinds of guided tours are available for our clients:

We offer group tours for any number of participants as well as individual excursions. It’s up to our clients to decide, where the tour program will be classical or fully customized and tailored according to their specific desires and interests.

Leisure activities

Organizing leisure activities for travelers is one of the most important aspects of the work of tourism & hospitality professionals. Startax Travel consider creating a happy and lively atmosphere for our customers to be one of its primary tasks.

Highly professional staff, considerable material resources, invaluable experience, practical skills and knowledge are the main guarantees of the high quality of services that we provide. Our guests can enjoy:

  • numerous cultural and educational activities which include tours to historical sites, museums, exhibitions, art galleries, parks and unique natural attractions;
  • organized trips to attend festivals, concerts, fairs, shows, carnivals and sport competitions;
  • spectacular performances as part of the animation program during a hotel stay, such as incendiary discos and foam parties, talent shows and various contests for participants of all ages;
  • fun game-like activities in hotels: all kinds of quests, cooking masterclasses where tourists can taste and learn how to cook traditional local dishes of host countries, adventure board team games, sailing a pirate ship;
  • sports and wellness events in hotels which include dance classes and fitness with experienced coaches, water sports competitions and active water games, visiting horse-riding and golf clubs, as well as unique sports events, such as mini-Olympic games which all hotel guests can take part in, football matches, triathlon and much more.

Moreover, special attention in hotels is paid to the organization of children’s activities. Little travelers like going to mini clubs and participating in different entertainment and educational programs, so parents can relax fully while their children are taken care of and looked after by professional animators.

Group service (MICE)

MICE is a type of business tourism that is getting more and more popular nowadays. Literally the acronym stands for B2B events which are held for large groups of travelers brought together for entertainment, professional or education purposes:

М – meetings I – incentives C – conferences E – exhibitions

MICE events are often organized by event agencies and exhibition centers. However, a standard venue for various corporate events is hotels that have sufficient resources to provide a full range of tailor-made services for business travelers.

Startax Travel and our partners who are real professionals in tourism & hospitality industry offer the following services for MICE travelers:

Hotels that provide services to MICE travelers have employees who have special skills in organizing conferences, business meetings, seminars, workshops, masterminds and other business events. With the help of experienced specialists, MICE tourism becomes an effective tool that successfully performs such functions as:

Creative author's programs for team building and corporate parties, wellness treatments in thalasso centers and SPAs with a well-earned reputation and other offers from the partners of Startax Travel will make MICE trips unforgettable for all the participants.

Concierge service

Concierge service is an absolutely necessary and efficient service for tourists who travel to an unfamiliar country. It’ll be especially valuable for those who are going to stay not in a classic All Inclusive hotel, but in apartments.

Specialists working as concierges, can help solving many problems, for example:

A concierge is like a kind angel who is always there to help you and who will give you some useful advice in any situation, no matter how difficult it may seem.

The partners of Startax Travel begin to work with their clients even before the start of a trip. The specialists will be happy to answer all kinds of tourists’ questions, for instance, planning a trip budget, consulting on current prices and features of banking services, providing relevant information on solving everyday problems, from housekeeping to repairing household appliances.