Cooperation & Technologies

Startax Travel cooperates with legal entities which are tourist organizations and companies operating in other business fields (corporate clients) who are interested in getting travel services.

Private individuals can also send a request for certain travel services or packages of such services by email

Cooperation with Startax Travel begins with the signing of a cooperation agreement, the template of which is sent by email on the first request. If the banking system in the partner’s country imposes special requirements on the text of the contract, the parties can discuss all the details and come to an agreement through additional negotiations.

Operational processes in Startax Travel are optimized with the help of specialized software, the program Sejour Incoming Agency by SAN Group. The program offers a technological solution that allows DMCs to easily keep track of their activities. The main modules of the program are «Contracts», «Hotel/ Package Reservation», «Transport», «Tours», and «Invoicing» which give each department an opportunity to automate and track daily workflow, minimizing the costs of operational activities. Thus, the workload is reduced, while the effectiveness of monitoring and control increases.

Our partners can get price lists in several ways:

1. XML-integration of tour operator software with Sejour Incoming Agency (powered by SAN Group). The programs which are suitable for integration include Peakwork, Traso, TravelGate, Travelio, Megatec (MasterTour), SamoSoft (SamoTour), Juniper, eMind, and others.

2. Online booking on a specialized B2B platform. This technological solution is implemented as a brand Trigy Travel Solution. You can learn more about the platform and get access to it on the website

3. Price lists in XLS or PDF files can be sent by email.

4. Cooperation in the «on request» format by email / skype / WhatsApp / Viber / Telegram.